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  • What’s on your summer stack TBR?

    The Gramercy Books staff recently compiled its “Summer Vibes Stack” and I thought it would be fun to share that list and a bit more detail about a few of the choices.


  • Our May author event schedule is like a spring garden, filled with a bouquet of ideas that are both plentiful and fragrant. In determining this month’s featured events, like those selected each month, I look for books that reflect a range of stories, writers, perspectives, styles, and genres, just like the variety of flowers you might plant in your garden. 

  • My daughter, Alex, is expecting her first child this month. She asked me to put together a baby book library for her.

  • Romance books are in the air, and not just because we are heading into our Valentine’s Day month of February! This has been a publishing phenomenon for decades. And it isn’t ending anytime soon!

  • In a special International Holocaust Remembrance Day program January 29th, Gramercy Books will host noted historians and Holocaust experts Dr. Elizabeth “Barry” White and Dr. Joanna Sliwa. Their collaboration, The Counterfeit Countess, tells the astonishing story of mathematician Dr. Josephine Janina Mehlberg, aka Countess Janina Suchodolska, a Jewish woman who rescued more than 10,000 Poles imprisoned by Poland’s Nazi occupiers.