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  • As September arrives, the hot fall book titles tend to be on the minds of readers and booksellers alike. For this month’s blog, I want to share what Gramercy Books book buyer, Debbie Boggs, is most excited about, and what fall books are on my TBR list as well!

  • A Velveteen Rabbit is a century-old story about authenticity, an essential theme that Jennifer Egan explores in The Candy House amidst the complexities and innovations of a current and future context. Join the full discussion of her latest novel, THE CANDY HOUSE, on April 27, 7 pm, a Gramercy Book Club program moderated by writer and scholar Nick White!

  • As an author and a bookstore owner, I am often asked to recommend books. My all-time favorites tower at Gramercy Books (plucked off by customers faster than our booksellers can replace them!) doesn’t change much because I’m very picky about what I will call a favorite. Here are my mini-reviews of the dozen books I’ve read thus far in 2022!

  • As I reviewed my book diary over this past year—nearly fifty in total—my selections covered a range of themes, characters, settings, and genres. In terms of those I read that were published in 2021, here are my top five picks.

  • A year ago, we didn’t foresee that everything was about to change. We were facing the shadow of an incipient epidemic, resulting in lives lost and much suffering. It is exactly one year to the day—March 23, 2020—when Gramercy Books had to close our physical doors to you. So, today is a day of reflection and looking forward.