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  • Gramercy Books has established an author event rhythm, hosting one every week so readers can hear writers talk about their new books. The October author event schedule is a great example of the diverse mix of selected authors and books, and the multitude of ways to present these authors to the community.

  • As September arrives, the hot fall book titles tend to be on the minds of readers and booksellers alike. For this month’s blog, I want to share what Gramercy Books book buyer, Debbie Boggs, is most excited about, and what fall books are on my TBR list as well!

  • A Velveteen Rabbit is a century-old story about authenticity, an essential theme that Jennifer Egan explores in The Candy House amidst the complexities and innovations of a current and future context. Join the full discussion of her latest novel, THE CANDY HOUSE, on April 27, 7 pm, a Gramercy Book Club program moderated by writer and scholar Nick White!

  • As an author and a bookstore owner, I am often asked to recommend books. My all-time favorites tower at Gramercy Books (plucked off by customers faster than our booksellers can replace them!) doesn’t change much because I’m very picky about what I will call a favorite. Here are my mini-reviews of the dozen books I’ve read thus far in 2022!

  • As I reviewed my book diary over this past year—nearly fifty in total—my selections covered a range of themes, characters, settings, and genres. In terms of those I read that were published in 2021, here are my top five picks.