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  • A year ago, we didn’t foresee that everything was about to change. We were facing the shadow of an incipient epidemic, resulting in lives lost and much suffering. It is exactly one year to the day—March 23, 2020—when Gramercy Books had to close our physical doors to you. So, today is a day of reflection and looking forward.  

  • Today, I want to share our deep appreciation to you, our community, for embracing Gramercy Books through this pandemic. You have been here for us and we will be here for you.

  • Many in the community have asked how we are doing at Gramercy Books, given the world in which we now find ourselves. Thanks to YOU, Gramercy Books is holding its own. We are so grateful that you, our community, continue to call, visit, purchase books and other fun items (puzzles are back in stock!), and participate in our live streamed programming. 

  • Overseeing a business, organization, or even a household during a pandemic—with its uncertainty as new information unfolds daily—is like driving a vehicle down a mountain through a deep fog. As Gramercy Books looks toward reopening our store later in May, I believe there is a silver lining to this challenging environment.  

  • What follows is a diary of how COVID-19 has affected one locally owned, independent bookstore located just outside Columbus, Ohio. I started keeping a diary, just to keep track of day-to-day adjustments to this unfolding crisis. It now seems like a useful guide, revealing what one small business is doing to adapt to a pandemic.