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  • While attending the American Booksellers Association’s Winter Institute in Albuquerque last week, I sat down with a dozen publishers, each sharing their lengthy lists of great books coming out from now through this summer. Other noteworthy authors and their publishers filled a ballroom one evening. Here are twenty-one diverse and powerful books that got my attention!

  • Ages seven to ten is a critical period in developing the lifelong reader. Early chapter books, designed for this age group, help kids transition from picture books to novels to become independent readers. Early readers can explore the shelves at Gramercy Books and find something that speaks directly to them. 


  • Books make wonderful holiday gifts! Here are several extraordinary books for table top display, and some regular-sized books for your nightstand. And, then, there’s always our “Be A Book Angel” program, where you can donate books to children served by Franklin County Children Services.

  • November is a time to reflect on the things that add to the fabric of our lives. Gramercy Books is grateful to be a gathering place for our customers: to support conversation and discourse, to provide inspiration and comfort, to build community, and to bring joy.

  • By the time you read this, I will be on my way to Paris. While collecting information about The City of Light, I also began thinking about the range of books I’ve read that are set in Paris, from a children’s favorite, Madeline, to several classics, to a story about a bookshop on the Seine!