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  • I remember my dad this Father’s Day, a role model who showed me the importance of giving back, of being responsible, of seeing opportunity in challenges, and in living life fully all the way to his last days. I’ve similarly encountered wonderful father figures in novels. Here are four books that reveal the value of a father teaching his children empathy and tolerance, sharing happy experiences, and demonstrating integrity.

  • Motherhood is complicated. Caretaker, healer, disciplinarian, coach, advocate, organizer, chauffeur, friend, college advisor, wedding planner, babysitter for grandchildren—the roles a mother plays for her children never end. As we celebrate motherhood in May, we can explore the lives of several moms through a bounty of books.

  • In April, three acclaimed books adapted for the screen will be in theaters nationwide. I asked film scholar Jonathan Sherman what kinds of books make good films. Read the books, view the films, and decide which meet Jonathan’s criteria.

  • At Gramercy Books, we call ourselves a carefully curated neighborhood bookstore. To better understand “curated,’ I asked members of my personal book club. Here’s what Ruth, Tanny, Jamie, Suzy, Joy, and Teckie thought, and how their definitions compared with us—the booksellers who do the curating.

  • I’ve been in love with books as long as I can remember. A trip to the library or bookstore continues to be a deep-seeded pleasure. After all, books are filled with answers to every question every person has ever considered. Standing inside a “house of books” feels like an adventure. No wonder I became a writer.