Why Buildings Fall Down: Why Structures Fail (Paperback)

Why Buildings Fall Down: Why Structures Fail By Matthys Levy, Mario Salvadori, Kevin Woest (Illustrator) Cover Image


The authors examine buildings of all kinds, from ancient domes like Istanbul's Hagia Sophia to the state-of-the-art Hartford Civic Arena. Their subjects range from the man-caused destruction of the Parthenon to the earthquake damage of 1989 in Armenia and San Francisco.

The stories that make up Why Buildings Fall Down are in the end very human ones, tales of the interaction of people and nature, of architects, engineers, builders, materials, and natural forces all coming together in sometimes dramatic (and always instructive) ways.
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ISBN: 9780393311525
ISBN-10: 039331152X
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
Publication Date: February 17th, 2002
Pages: 352
Language: English