Forbidden History (Paperback)

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Did golden-haired celts settle the South Pacific over a 1000 years before Māori?

"Forbidden History contends that there were people here before Māori. A great many of us have no trouble with that concept knowing that great seafaring civilisations go back very many thousands of years. In fact, it would be strange if other people had not been here prior to Moriori and Maori. Therefore why would we not pursue that possibility and acknowledge those who are from different tribes be they European Asian Moriori or other? Are we not proud to be multicultural these days?"

"This book will make you think and it will raise as many questions as answers. It will be interpreted wrongly in many cases just as it in turn questions many established "truths" in other historical accounts." Doug Woolerton, in the Foreword.

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ISBN: 9780473352646
ISBN-10: 0473352648
Publisher: Truthful History Publications
Publication Date: April 23rd, 2019
Pages: 340
Language: English