Red Dust, Diamond Sky: An Australian Short Story Trilogy (Paperback)

Red Dust, Diamond Sky: An Australian Short Story Trilogy By Suzanne Cass Cover Image
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Whether it's an unexpected windfall, a trip of a lifetime or a budding romance, this anthology celebrates the people and places that make up the rich tapestry of our Australian outback.

Life is funny sometimes. George often wondered what he'd do if he won the lottery. And now there's one million dollars sitting on the floor in front of him. What he does with that money will surprise and delight you.

Jordan and his father take a last trip into the outback to find an old survey tree his father marked out in his youth. This trip is meant to give his father back his memories, but it does so much more, as father and son re-connect and put meaning back into their lives.

Lissa loves the sun; wants to follow it to a better place. So, she throws her meagre possessions, including her solar telescope into the back of her battered yellow ute and lets the bitumen take her where it will. The sun, a solar telescope, and her sunstone necklace will lead Lissa to love.

Told with a dash of humor and a touch of romance, grab a copy of author Suzanne Cass' trilogy of short stories set in the Australian outback.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780648266846
ISBN-10: 0648266842
Publisher: Suzanne Cass
Publication Date: August 30th, 2018
Pages: 36
Language: English