Swahili New Testament Bible: Outreach Edition (Paperback)

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An economy Swahili language New Testament designed for evangelism outreach in East Africa. Light-weight and paperback, this bible is perfect for church missions to reach people who are not able to afford a New Testament or have reliable access to online or electronic resources. This edition is constructed from the trustworthy and easy to read Kimvita 1914 version. It is also complete with a gospel presentation, maps with Swahili helps, and some illustrations.

In the region of East Africa which covers countries such as Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and others, there are approximately 150 million who speak and read Swahili 1]. While many in these regions are multilingual, meaning people speak English, Swahili, and a mother tongue, in written form, reading comprehension of Swahili exceeds English. 2]

Swahili Bible translations do exist, mostly as digital or downloadable e-books. However, this option is not viable in areas with low smartphone us (many e-books are not downloadable on the majority of phones in use in these regions), even if there is internet availability. Print options can be rather expensive. A missionary heading to Kenya from the US could pay $80 to $200 for a single print copy to bring with them.

The Swahili Bible Project was designed to create an affordable Swahili Bible intended for outreach evangelism and missions. We believe that by making the Swahili New Testament accessible to Swahili speakers, we will open the doors to the knowledge of Christ and salvation through faith and repentance.

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ISBN: 9780692923191
ISBN-10: 0692923195
Publisher: Second Adam Publishing
Publication Date: August 1st, 2017
Pages: 288
Language: Swahili