Christopher Nolan: The Iconic Filmmaker and His Work (Iconic Filmmakers Series) (Hardcover)

Christopher Nolan: The Iconic Filmmaker and His Work (Iconic Filmmakers Series) By Ian Nathan Cover Image
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This comprehensive and in-depth study delves into the life and works of one of modern films most celebrated, successful and intriguing auteurs, Christopher Nolan.

‘What is the most resilient parasite? Bacteria? A virus? An intestinal worm? An idea. Resilient…highly contagious. Once an idea has taken hold of the brain it’s almost impossible to eradicate.’  - Cobb, Inception 

How has Nolan become this leading director? Is he the new Kubrick? What do audiences get out of his games?

Visually, he offers a steely science-fiction noir with the highlights of big stars and a magician’s flourishes, whether he is tackling Victorian London or the far reaches of outer space. In narrative terms, his films twist and turn, provoking as many questions as they answer.

This book will look to crack open the magic box of Nolan’s twisting universe. As a character, he eludes easy answers. Veteran film author Ian Nathan’s research will lean into deciphering his cryptic pronouncements and motivations alongside the history and making of his films.

Examining both the making of and the inspiration behind his many, many hit films, from The Prestige (2006) to the hugely successful Batman films, through to his mind-bending science fiction works such as Inception (2014) and Tenet (2020).

Filled with fascinating insights and illustrated throughout with cinematography from his visually stunning ouvre, this book offers a unique, important, and unmissable insight into the mind of this most brilliant of directors.

About the Author

Ian Nathan, who lives and works in London, is one of the UK’s best-known film writers. He is the author of nine previous books, including Alien Vault, the best-selling history of Ridley Scott’s masterpiece, Terminator Vault, Tarantino, Tim Burton, The Coen Brothers and Anything You Can Imagine: Peter Jackson and the Making of Middle-earth. He is the former editor and executive editor of Empire, the world’s biggest movie magazine, where he remains a contributing editor. He also regularly contributes to The Times, The Independent, The Mail on Sunday, Cahiers Du Cinema and the Discovering Film documentary series on Sky Arts. 

Praise For…

 "White Lion Publishing and author Ian Nathan have put something special together with this new (oversized) book all about Christopher Nolan. It seeks to understand exactly how the filmmaker has found success and the unique storytelling process he uses. From thorough breakdowns of each of Nolan’s films and insights into how they were made, this would be an ideal gift for any movie-lover."—

"...a highly informative and insightful read into the mind of one of the most definitive mind-bending directors in cinema.  It is a gloriously packaged presentation that journeys you through the filmmakers historic trajectory with poignant anecdotes, quotations and in-depth behind-the-scenes knowledge to create a fully formed comprehensive picture of the man, his cinematic style and how the works interconnect thematically as it progresses."—The Reel Vision

"The 175 page book is filled with 150 great images from Nolan’s iconic films, many of them being behind-the-scenes shots. This book offers a full-breakdown of Nolan’s films individually, as well as a insightful account of the man himself. I’m a huge Nolan fan, so this book was an easy sell for me, but it’s a fantastic book all-around.—

"Nathan serves as a literary archeologist, excavating Nolan’s films, digging into their production, their themes, and the reactions they earned...well researched and highly recommend for Nolan aficionados."Cinema Sentries
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ISBN: 9780711277120
ISBN-10: 0711277125
Publisher: White Lion Publishing
Publication Date: November 8th, 2022
Pages: 176
Language: English
Series: Iconic Filmmakers Series