Red Lace, Yellow Lace (Board book)

Red Lace, Yellow Lace By Mark Casey, Judith Herbst, Jenny Stanley (Illustrator) Cover Image
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Learning to tie a shoe and continuing to practice despite making mistakes can be hard for kids, but this interactive and educational book offers help with a fun way to learn by doing! An ingenious approach to quickly teaching little ones about tying their shoes!

  • Encourage independence and fine motor skills
  • Irresistible rhyming text to guide children through the process step-by-step
  • Cheerful color illustrations to demonstrate the steps
  • A model shoe with real laces!
  • Two different color laces help kids see them clearly and learn faster!
  • Perfect for anyone looking for great going to Kindergarten books for kids or a Kindergarten graduation book.

What parents, grandparents, and teachers are saying:

  • Amazing book! My 6-year-old daughter has been really struggling with learning to tie her shoes, and she was getting so frustrated and ready to give up completely and just wear Velcro shoes the rest of her life. When I saw this book I thought maybe it could help and that it's a very simple way of teaching them step by step. I had no idea that the second day of having the book, and the first day of her actually sitting down with it--- she has tied it twice!!!!!!!! She's so proud of herself! The different colored laces help considerably! I would very much recommend picking one up! Absolutely exceeded all of our expectations! Thoughtfully designed, well made, great book!
  • This book seriously taught my son how to tie his own shoes. First day we got this book in the mail, I gave it to my son and a couple minutes later he figured out how to tie his shoes. I think the different color shoelace really helped him!!
  • I love the two colors of the laces. I think that color differential is probably very helpful in learning shoe tying
  • This book is excellent for teaching young children to tie shoelaces, and the rhyme makes it more interesting for children to learn.
  • Love this! My daughter has always struggled with shoelaces. I got this as a last attempt at something to help her, she read it, followed it and tied them first time. She did it again and again then got her real shoes and did it straight away!
Product Details
ISBN: 9780812065534
ISBN-10: 0812065530
Publisher: Sourcebooks Wonderland
Publication Date: March 1st, 1996
Pages: 24
Language: English