Against Marginalization: Convergences in Black and Latinx Literatures (Hardcover)

Against Marginalization: Convergences in Black and Latinx Literatures By Jose O. Fernandez Cover Image
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In Against Marginalization, Jose O. Fernandez examines thematic, aesthetic, historical, and cultural commonalities among post-1960s Black and Latinx writers, showing how such similarities have propelled their fight against social, cultural, and literary marginalization by engaging, adopting, and subverting elements from the larger American literary tradition. Drawing on the work of scholars in both literary traditions–including those who engage with the civil rights movements of the 1960s and 1970s–Fernandez finds intriguing points of convergence. His cross-cultural and comparative analysis puts Black and Latinx authors and literary works into the same frame as he considers the plays of Amiri Baraka and Luis Valdez, the fiction of James Baldwin and Rudolfo Anaya, the essays of Ralph Ellison and Richard Rodriguez, novels by Alice Walker and Helena María Viramontes, and the short fiction of Edward P. Jones and Junot Díaz. Against Marginalization thus uncovers points of correspondence and convergence among Black and Latinx literary and cultural legacies, interrogating how both traditions have moved from a position of literary marginalization to a moment of visibility and critical recognition.

About the Author

Jose O. Fernandez is Assistant Professor in the Latina/o/x Studies Program at the University of Iowa.

Praise For…

“Both an unparalleled resource on American literary history and a compelling look at how two seemingly distinct expressive traditions complement and converse with one another, Against Marginalization raises the bar for comparative cultural studies and unsettles demands for ethnic absolutist analyses.” — Richard T. Rodríguez, author of Next of Kin: The Family in Chicano/a Cultural Politics

“No other critic has shown so thoroughly how the marginalized canons of African American and Latinx theater, narrative, and essay parallel one another in their historical evolution … Fernández is blazing a trail in comparative literature.” —John Maddox, Hispania

“Boasting an impressive range of case studies that establish original and insightful literary and historical parallels between two literary canons often kept separate, Against Marginalization is a noteworthy contribution to twentieth- and twenty-first-century Black and Latinx scholarship.” —John K. Young, author of Black Writers, White Publishers: Marketplace Politics in Twentieth-Century African American Literature

“[Against Marginalization] offers insight for scholars interested in American literature, history, and social movements. … Fernandez enhances readers’ understanding of the struggle for Black and Brown liberation and representation in literature and encourages readers to consider the possibilities to come.” —Angela Villamizar, Ethnic and Third World Literatures
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