Cathedrals: Masterpieces of Architecture, Feats of Engineering, Icons of Faith (Hardcover)

Cathedrals: Masterpieces of Architecture, Feats of Engineering, Icons of Faith By Simon Jenkins Cover Image
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The acclaimed best-selling author and popular historian explores the history of Europe via its cathedrals.

Beautifully illustrated with color photographs throughout, this joyous exploration of the history of Western civilization showcases the cathedral’s central role in the European imagination. A masterful writer, Jenkins tells the stories behind these stone wonders: the architects that made them possible, the triumphs of engineering, the artists who enriched their décor, and the inevitable human follies of those who were involved in their building, from the artisans and workers to the wealthy donors and the faithful who worshipped beneath their soaring spires and majestic domes.
Simon Jenkins is the critically acclaimed, award-winning author of best-selling works that make history accessible. Blending insight and authority with personal reflections and experiences, he deftly reveals the history, design, and significance of each of these enduring monuments to the human spirit from popular favorites like St. Paul’s and the Duomo in Florence to less well-known masterpieces well worth a trip. Europe’s cathedrals are treasure troves of art and repositories of history that attract hundreds or thousands of visitors every year.

About the Author

Simon Jenkins is author of many bestsellers including A Short History of England, A Short History of Europe, A Short History of London, England’s Thousand Best Churches, and England’s Cathedrals. He is a columnist for the Guardian.
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Publisher: Rizzoli
Publication Date: April 5th, 2022
Pages: 368
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