Forgotten Genesis (Paperback)

Forgotten Genesis By Radu Cinamar, Peter Moon (Editor) Cover Image
By Radu Cinamar, Peter Moon (Editor)
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FORGOTTEN GENESIS delves into ancient history in a way that no book has done before, explaining and illustrating changes in DNA that have taken place over millennia and how Mankind has evolved into what it is today. Some of the "hot spots" of human history, which have either remained unknown or have only been considered from mythological positions, are explained, including: Atlantis, Troy, Shambhala, and Hyperborea. The diversity and the accuracy of the explanations presented are clear and con- clusive, combining pure esoteric knowledge with certain scientific elements. Particular emphasis is placed upon the existence and manifestation of inter-dimensional chasms or portals at the "intersections" between the physical plane and the etheric plane.
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ISBN: 9780967816296
ISBN-10: 0967816297
Publisher: Sky Books (NY)
Publication Date: January 15th, 2020
Pages: 280
Language: English