Rewire Your Brain: How to Hacking Your Mind to Stop Overthinking, Reduce Anxiety and Improve Your Life (Paperback)

Rewire Your Brain: How to Hacking Your Mind to Stop Overthinking, Reduce Anxiety and Improve Your Life By Tommy Foster Cover Image
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If you want to stop thinking too much, be anxious and worried about the future, read on...

Do you want to create better habits with little effort every day?
Do you want to Realize your life goals faster?Are you looking for inner peace and a more relaxed life?

Nowadays, with all the stress we accumulate at work, children, school, money ... it is very easy to slip into bad habits, which do nothing but further worsen our lives, increase our fears, worries, stress, leading to a sedentary, poor and unhealthy lifestyle.

We have a lot of expectations of us and of our loved ones, to increase our monetary income, to lose excess weight, to find the ideal partner ...

We work all day for the boss, for our children, for our partner, never being able to fully satisfy

none of them, even forgetting to dedicate some time to ourselves, how is it possible?

You don't have to stay in this situation forever, you need action, change.

In Rewire Your Brain You will truly understand, with the Tangible evidence provided by science in recent years, How to Improve All Aspects of Your Life,

Understanding your thoughts, the messages that your body sends, doing the right actions to achieve our goals more ambitious, all this

while you free yourself from all those self-destructive and harmful thoughts that have stopped your life so far.

Our mind is endowed with great capacities once freed from useless thoughts

You'll discover:

  • What is Neuroplasticity and how it will help you achieve your goals
  • The functions of the 2 hemispheres of the brain
  • How to stop thinking too much and how to deal with negative thought patterns
  • The main causes that lead to mental disorder
  • How to rewire your negative thoughts into positive thoughts
  • What is the amygdala
  • What role does the cortex play?
  • How complex our brain is and why our ancestors had to be more afraid than us to survive
  • The most common addictions, including socially accepted ones, but from which it is better to free oneself
  • 10 Simple Mindfulness Exercises
  • Get to the goal Step by Step, concretely, Designing your plan, to change your life for the better.

Finally I will tell you about a very effective discipline, which the man has practiced for thousands of years and which is coming back at this time, just now many people are able to understand its importance

Even if you've already tried to make changes to your life

and you failed

Even if you looked for the problem in your loved ones

but you only hurt them

Even if you feel you can't improve

or not being able to lose that extra kilo, smoking that cigarette less every day ...

If you feel the need to change something, for the better, this book is the right choice for you

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