Feeling Is Believing: Tangible Poems (Paperback)

Feeling Is Believing: Tangible Poems By Natasa Krizanic (Contribution by), Dwayne a. Gray Cover Image
By Natasa Krizanic (Contribution by), Dwayne a. Gray
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This is the third book of poetry published by Dwayne Gray who is the author of "Mirror of poems" and "Poeticolors". Like his previous books, "Feeling is believing" aims at relating to the readers in the deepest emotional way. This book in addition to relating to readers aims at breaking the barriers of racialism and prejudice that limits our progress as humans and poisons our youth in an indirect and subtle way. It aims to show us that the emotions we express on a day to day basis are shared among us all and our similarities outweigh our differences immensely. We all can relate to the way each other may feel at times and although we may have different opinions at times we all have the common foundation of emotions. This book was written in the belief that this world can be a much better place if we can all get over this mountain of frivolous hate and bickering among ourselves surrounding our visible differences and ignoring all that is common between us which happens to be our most important. This world can be a better place if we all can learn to truly love and stop using love as a guise through which selfishness operates which some believe it to be. Poem by poem, book by book, reader by reader, the hope is to make a significant dent in our negative beliefs and practices and keep this seemingly dying art meaningful, alive and well. Read, enjoy relate and consider, but most of all share.
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ISBN: 9781099175459
ISBN-10: 1099175453
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: May 18th, 2019
Pages: 88
Language: English