The Anger Workbook: An Interactive Guide to Anger Management (Paperback)

The Anger Workbook: An Interactive Guide to Anger Management By Les Carter, Frank Minirth Cover Image
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A field guide to understanding and managing anger--what it is, where it comes from, and how to get it under control.

Many people assume that anger is the emotion that leads to raised voices and violence, and this kind of explosive rage is certainly a reality. But there are many different types of anger, from the simmering to the shutting down. Most of us experience some form of anger or its effects. The good news is that anger can be controlled.

Founded on thirteen faith-based steps designed to recognize and manage anger, The Anger Workbook is an interactive guide to transforming patterns and behaviors with the help of biblical principles and evidence-based treatment.

Best-selling author and practicing counselor Les Carter, Ph.D. and author and Christian psychiatrist Frank Minirth, M.D. draw on their years of experience and expertise to demystify the problem of anger. Throughout this workbook, you will learn:

  • How to identify situational anger in yourself or others as well as patterns of relating, thinking, and behaving that may lead to feelings of anger
  • How emotions like fear, loneliness, and inferiority create anger
  • How to uncover and eliminate myths that perpetuate anger such as, "Letting go of my anger means I am conceding defeat." Or "No one understand my unique problems."
  • For parents: how to manage a child's anger

As we get to know and understand anger--whether it's our own or a loved one's--its management becomes far less daunting. Anger can be controlled.

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