What's Wrong with That Door? Simple Steps to Put Your Finger on the Cause of Any Problem with a Door (Paperback)

What's Wrong with That Door? Simple Steps to Put Your Finger on the Cause of Any Problem with a Door By John Quist Cover Image
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Often a door complaint begins with a vague description of an issue discovered during the final inspection of the home or the installed door. Then the call goes out that the door must be defective. This book will help empirically document the problems and help provide some clues to resolving a defective door claim. Written as a 'flip book' it is a ready reference in both English and Spanish for people who may be called upon to diagnose a problem with a side hinged door. These problems are often not the fault of the manufacturer, distributor or dealer but can be categorized into a variety of core issues. Manufacturing defects: Handling Damage, Installation Problems, Glass Issues, Exposure Issues. With these notes you can.... Check your installers workmanship ... Diagnose problem issues earlier to gain quicker resolution of problems ... Identify true warranty situations. A string and a mirror.... I often use a simple length of string and a mirror to make a quick inspection of a door. The string allows me to check a variety of things about both the door and the installation. The mirror I use to see the hard to reach places, such as the top or bottom of the door. Beyond that, a few tools can help to diagnose the majority of common issues. Some problems might require a more sophisticated examination, but this book will help For DIY'ers -- After you've read all the installation instructions and viewed every internet video about installing doors and your door is still not quite right, this book will help you identify some of the common installation problems and could help provide a resolution. For Contractors -- The difference between a good door installation and a poor one (requiring a remedy) is usually a little extra time spent during the installation to be certain all the components are properly aligned with the surrounding wall conditions. Caught early enough, that can often translate into about 20 minutes worth of time to correct check the relationship betwee.

About the Author

JOHN QUIST has 40 years in the millwork industry-from home construction to doors, windows, moldings, millwork installation, sales, manufacturing, and importing from South America and Africa. His experience includes consulting work with the World Bank and USAID projects in Eastern Europe and Western Africa. He has been involved with drafting a new standard for side-hinged doors that was recently adopted by the International Code Council and is now included in the 2015 International Residential Building Code. Most recently Mr. Quist has been working with test labs to qualify door products for compliance to new building code regulations while managing sales in the Gulf States for a national door manufacturer.
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ISBN: 9781478733256
ISBN-10: 147873325X
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Publication Date: September 12th, 2014
Pages: 150
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