Incredible Stories of Miracles at the Door (Paperback)

Incredible Stories of Miracles at the Door By Devon L. Roberts Cover Image
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"Working as a literature evangelist has been the most rewarding work that I have ever done in my life. I am very proud to have been and still be a member of this faithful army of Christian soldiers, who carry tidings of good news from country to country, city to city, street to street, and door to door, sharing the love of Jesus Christ in every corner of planet earth."

Incredible Stories of Miracles at the Door explores Devon Roberts' various and intriguing experiences in literature evangelism, a ministry he has done for over forty years. Walk through the years with Devon and join him as he meets people at their door and, in partnership with God, changes their life forever-while having his heart and life changed in the process. Confronting abuse, coming face-to-face with a gun, praying away demons, and prophetic dreams are just a few of the stories Roberts tells of his life as a literature evangelist. Devon knows that now more than ever, as we confront problems worldwide, from the Covid-19 pandemic to economic and political strife, we must reach out to those in our community and spread the Word of God. The world lives in spiritual darkness; Incredible Stories of Miracles at the Door is a guide to the best ways to knock on the door of people's hearts and be a beacon of light for God within our neighborhood.

"...An engaging and poignant collage of remembered experience of one on the front line of Christian door-to-door ministry." Mark McCleary, Retired Pastor "The book gives you the overall understanding that God is involved and engaged in our lives." Shawn Fordham, Pastor

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ISBN: 9781479616527
ISBN-10: 1479616524
Publisher: Teach Services, Inc.
Publication Date: September 27th, 2023
Pages: 166
Language: English