Muruj Al Dhahab Fi Al Hikmah Wal Adab End Al Arab (Paperback)

Muruj Al Dhahab Fi Al Hikmah Wal Adab End Al Arab By Hasan Yahya Cover Image
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Philosophers say: When heaven gives talents to people organs on earth, it gives the Greek, brains, the Chinese hands, and the Arabs tongues. Wisdom, however comes from mind and circulated through tongues. This book is a collection of what Arabs says in many aspects of life which is considered as good or bad behavior. The book can be decided as a curriculum in the high schools. It covers, for instance, mental abilities, generosity, tongue, patience, secrets of knowledge and other human behavior. in addition Arab proverbs in Qur'an and literature are covered.

About the Author

The author is a well known Arab American scholar, scientist, and writer. In this book (No. 187) you may say that the author continues his line of thought in writing about Arab literature in the process of Ihyaa al Turath al Arabi fil Mahjar (Revival of Arab Heritage in Diaspora) supported by the Arab American Encyclopedia-AAE. Dr. Yahya resides in Michigan, USA. Dr. Yahya has four children and ten grandchildren.
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ISBN: 9781482302912
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Publication Date: January 29th, 2013
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