The Gambling Addiction Cure: How to Overcome Gambling Addiction and Stop Compulsive Gambling For Life (Paperback)

The Gambling Addiction Cure: How to Overcome Gambling Addiction and Stop Compulsive Gambling For Life By Anthony Wilkenson Cover Image
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Is gambling an innocent past time? Is it a way to fund education or something that helps our community, something you can do for extra income? Is it merely a recreation activity? Whether your addiction involves betting your hard-earned money on sports, roulette, slots, poker or scratch cards in casinos both online and offline, you are about to discover an effective and proven strategy to overcome gambling addiction. Gambling addiction, when left uncured, can strain or damage your relationships with your family and friends, interfere with your productivity and work schedules, and may cause you to deal with a financial crisis in the long run.Do not wait for your addiction to cause you to do things that you never thought you are capable of doing. Millions of people who suffer from gambling addiction engage in destructive behavior that is uncontrollable. They lie, cheat, steal from their own family just to keep the action going. These compulsive gamblers won't stop until their life is ruined. But don't think that there is no hope for you. You might think that you can no longer stop this addiction, but be aware that with the right kind of help, it is possible to get rid of this addiction and finally regain full control of your life. With your determination and discipline, you will finally be able to get rid of your gambling addiction and protect yourself and your loved ones from financial disaster. All it takes is for you to recognize and acknowledge that you have the problem, read, and apply the principles outlined in this book, and you will conquer gambling addiction for good. This book will help you understand what gambling addiction is and how you can overcome this horrible addiction. By grabbing a copy of this book, you have increased your chances of achieving full recovery. You will also learn how to get the right support when it comes to making positive financial choices.
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ISBN: 9781505755602
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Publication Date: December 27th, 2014
Pages: 42
Language: English