Sull's Manual of Advanced Penmanship: An Instructional Guide to American Cursive, Ornamental Penmanship, and Flourishing (Spiral bound)

Sull's Manual of Advanced Penmanship: An Instructional Guide to American Cursive, Ornamental Penmanship, and Flourishing By Michael R. Sull Cover Image
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From internationally recognized master penman Michael R. Sull comes an incredible volume of advanced techniques in several forms of penmanship.
In Sull’s Manual of Advanced Penmanship, this second offering from author and master penman Michael R. Sull brings to light numerous styles and methods of creative artistry in handwriting that until now have never before appeared in published form. Fascinating techniques such as relay writing, puzzle writing, connected writing, and running hand are described in a most comprehensive manner.
Also included in this instructional guide are the following novelty methods of American cursive, ornamental penmanship, and flourishing:
  • Elevated ornamental Spencerian capitals
  • Advanced Spencerian monograms
  • Sequencing curvature
  • Super twister capitals
  • Movement, dexterity, and spontaneity
  • Flourished word and line endings
  • Negative space considerations
  • Superscription and signature writing
  • Muscularity and pen manipulation
  • Interline flourishing, masterpiece flourishing, and artistic shading
  • Accent title and foliated flourishing
  • Methods of bird and quill designs, filigree patterns, and composition flourishing

Sull explains each entry in an easy-to-understand manner and provides illustrations of techniques to add a visual sense of understanding to the reader.

About the Author

Michael R. Sull is a certified American Master Penman recognized internationally for his efforts to promote the techniques and history of American penmanship. In a career spanning thirty-five years, he has taught in forty-five states and twelve foreign countries, and is considered the most significant living American Master Penman of the past sixty years. A former lettering artist for Hallmark Cards, he served as former President Ronald Reagan's personal calligrapher and was the founder and designer of the Spencerian Monument for American Handwriting in Geneva, Ohio. Mr. Sull is currently the corporate Master Penman for the Zaner-Bloser Company. He resides in Gardner, Kansas.

Praise For…

“Master Penman Michael Sull is known and respected worldwide for his penmanship skills and for his teaching abilities. Sull studied with Paul O’Hara (a graduate of the Zanerian College of Penmanship), as well as with David P. Fairbanks and Isaac Weldon Bullock. Michael has since passed along his learning through his skills as a master teacher with students across the United States and around the world. Sull is widely credited as being solely responsible for restoring interest in American penmanship through his books, his teaching, and his penmanship skills. He is truly a master of cursive penmanship as well as Spencerian lettering, flourishing, monograms, signature writing, and accent titles. This book begins where his other books have left off. In it, Sull shares methods and techniques of advanced penmanship which have until now gone unpublished. This book is filled with techniques as well as numerous illustrations to help the reader learn the skills presented.”
—Ann Cobb, president of IAMPETH (International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers, and Teachers of Handwriting)
“I know Mike Sull to have a singular mission—keeping American penmanship alive. Kind, selfless, and unassuming, he is the most credible and important voice in the pen community. Mike perfected his ability to pen the most elegant “visible language” after studying with legendary Master Penman. In this unprecedented book, Mike shares his incomparable skill, methods, and techniques. How fortunate we are to have Mike and his decades of experience to learn from. I credit and thank Mike for all that he has taught me.”
—Hugh Scher, CEO of Kanilea Pen Company
“There is no living person who has done more to preserve and spread the uniquely American art form known as “Spencerian” than American Master Penman Michael Sull. With this new book on advanced penmanship, Sull shows that American cursive is meant for everyone, from the novice to the professional—a truly democratic writing style that allows for limitless personal expression. His passion, intellect, and gentle nature come through in every word he writes.”
—Nicky Pessaroff, editor-in-chief of Pen World magazine
“While Michael Sull’s artistry and passion are evident, it’s important to remember his ability to connect with and educate others. Having taught in at least twelve countries, Sull has now implemented a comprehensive written program so that those without access to in-person instruction have a way to learn. With a singular ability to communicate and connect alongside his truly unique expertise, Sull’s book will appeal to all would-be Spencerian artists or those curious about the ways in which handwriting culture and American history are deeply intertwined.”
—Suzanne C. Lee, communications director at Pen World magazine

"I am pleased to offer my endorsement for the work of Michael Sull, an esteemed Master Penman and one of the foremost experts on the art of penmanship. With a career spanning over forty years, Michael has dedicated himself to preserving and promoting the art of beautiful handwriting, and his expertise in this field is unmatched. I believe we have him largely to thank for formal calligraphy still being available in today's time, thanks to his study early in is career learning from previous masters, and then devoting his life to teaching others this craft. In the world of fine writing, we all have Michael to thank for playing an important part in keeping the art of penmanship alive. Having taken a class from him myself at a pen show and knowing he's taught thousands of others in similar settings, I can attest to his generosity and kindness in sharing his knowledge and experience. 

In his previous book, The Art of Cursive Penmanship, Michael packed a wealth of knowledge into an easy-to-read and helpful guide that makes improving your handwriting accessible to anyone interested in doing so. His knowledge goes far beyond what he covered in that book, so he created this one to expound upon the basic concepts he previously covered. Whether you are an aspiring calligrapher or a seasoned penman looking to refine your skills, this book offers valuable insights and practical advice that can help you take your craft to the next level.

Michael's passion for his craft is evident in every page of this book, and his attention to detail and commitment to excellence make it a must-read for anyone interested in the art of penmanship. I recommend this book to all writing enthusiasts; it is a wonderful resource for anyone who is interested in learning more about this beautiful and timeless art form."
—Brian Goulet, CEO/co-founder of
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