Life is a Series of Unexpected Interruptions: The Untold Real-Life Story of How One Bad Decision Destroyed a Multimillionaires Life and His Road Back (Paperback)

Life is a Series of Unexpected Interruptions: The Untold Real-Life Story of How One Bad Decision Destroyed a Multimillionaires Life and His Road Back By Clark East Cover Image
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It would be a horrific world to live in if we were harshly judged by a single wrong decision made under immense economic pressure. But it is not those moments that define you. It is how you respond to them that makes you who you are. You will find out what you are really made of once you have everything stripped away.

A journey from a fortunate middle-class family of privilege and a wealthy multimillionaire developer lifestyle to the soul-crushing prison life learns what is truly important in life.

Love truly makes the world go round, God's love. With redemption, grace, and forgiveness. It is what saves us from ourselves. Love redeems us from our deepest darkest despair. It is our light when we are lost in the woods. Love does not let our mistakes define us. Love helps us learn from our mistakes and changes our direction, guiding us to a newer, better, brighter tomorrow. Love defines us.

Clark's life's story is full of unexpected interruptions teaching

  • Patience
  • Humility
  • Gratitude
  • The most Important lesson "Your choices in the past do not define you"

Clark made a terrible choice in fear. This fear led him to the emotional, irrational, and disastrous decisions that ultimately tore apart everything that he had built for himself and his family. He lost everything in life that was worth living for and discovered what was worth fighting for.

His fear had become a powerful motivator in his life. Controlling his emotions, actions, and his will to stand up to his selfishness and face reality.

Some of the world's greatest cowards are staring at you through the mirror. Do not look away, that's what they want you to do. Stand up to them. He kept fear like some people keep a dirty secret, or instead, his fear kept him as a servant. It was undoubtedly something that he was experiencing in real-time, where there was a financial burden or relationship conflict. He was making decisions out of fear, and he kept making one poor choice after another because he did not want to face the coward in the mirror.

He discovered his fear had a few friends. Pride was one of his closest allies, and vanity kept him from facing the facts that sometimes he doesn't make the best decisions. Arrogance had convinced him that he could hide mistakes and preserve his reputation as a deal maker. Vanity was a real SOB to deal with every night.

Clark is looking back, knowing that if he had faced that fear and displaced my vanity, he would have been all right. He would have recovered, and his life would have carried on to another project, another deal. His problems would not have been half as challenging as the consequences were for the actions that brought him to his knees. If he would have remembered what love was.

As you read his journey of unexpected interruptions, you should know that no matter your mistakes or what seems to be failures, know that these are just little interruptions that may just lead you to where you need to be. You need not fear them or any other obstacle in life. You are, however, encouraged to learn and grow

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