The Virgin Cat: A Feline Fantasy (Paperback)

The Virgin Cat: A Feline Fantasy By Erika Lilwall (Illustrator), Clive Lilwall Cover Image
By Erika Lilwall (Illustrator), Clive Lilwall
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"The Virgin Cat: A Feline Fantasy" is a personal account of a cat's life story. A classy and handsome Tabby Point Siamese cat reveals the challenges in his life, including his experiences as a humble kitten in a shelter and life with a middle-class suburban family in Ontario, Canada. He deals with his sexual problems, family issues, drug use and the problems of how to relate to depraved cats, challenged dogs, squirrels and other lowly creatures. His encounters with Layla, a beautiful feral cat, and her kitten, Cleopatra, give him insight in his efforts to find meaning in his life. His story is an inspiration to those who admire cats and seek to understand how they can help humans create lives full of meaning in a world filled with confusion and despair.
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ISBN: 9781518886386
ISBN-10: 1518886388
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: November 30th, 2015
Pages: 134
Language: English