Gambling Addiction: Overcome Gambling Compulsion Right Away and Start Enjoying Your Freedom (Paperback)

Gambling Addiction: Overcome Gambling Compulsion Right Away and Start Enjoying Your Freedom By Joshua Elans Cover Image
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The human psychology is quite complex and the way a specific activity is handled can largely determine the ultimate effect of that activity. When the limits of normality are crossed, everything becomes harmful. One such activity is gambling, which when introduced, was intended to present fun and entrainment for the player. But today it has risen to a level of million dollar industry which is converting the players into addicts of gambling. In this book, we have tried to address the audience from both ends. At one end the readers can be from a direct victim group, i.e. all those people who are suffering from the aftermaths of addictive gambling and want to address this issue. On the other hand, the readers can be the group of people who surround the victims, like peers, friends and spouse. This book will follow a step by step approach for all the people involved in addictive gambling, in one way or the other. The highlighting parts which are stated in this book will relate to the following major issues, which will present a through and evaluative account of addictive gambling for the reader: -The introductory information about gambling, its transition from a recreational activity to an addictive vulnerability, affecting almost all domains of life. -An account of addictive gambling and various risky behaviors which can increase the vulnerability of a person to get indulged in negative behaviors. -An informative discussion about the impacts of gambling extending to emotional, physical and financial domains of life. -The suggestions and treatment plans related to addictive gambling, including self-support system, step by step recovery as well as the peer support.
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Publication Date: March 31st, 2016
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