Escaping Addiction: Resetting the Brain for Success (Hardcover)

Escaping Addiction: Resetting the Brain for Success By Patrick Bordeaux, George F. Koob, Melanie Baillairge (Calligrapher) Cover Image
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Presents a variety of effective tools to break the cycle of addiction. Addiction is a worldwide curse that seems to be growing in seriousness on a yearly basis. While to the general public addiction may seem almost inescapable, the truth is that there are solutions to overcoming the various addictions, though to date they seem more elusive than attainable. The goal of Escaping Addiction is to highlight the variety of causes of addiction alongside an array of useful tools anyone can use to break the cycle of addiction, whether it's to alcohol, drugs, food, or video games. The seeds of addictive behavior are often planted in childhood then fed to grow over years of the input and reward cycle. Detaching the rewards from the addictive input is key to breaking the habits that keep us addicted. Here, the authors present the variety of treatments - from medications to therapeutic approaches - that can help. Offering a better understanding of the mechanisms of addiction, this book can help anyone struggling with addiction to unravel it in their own lives.
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ISBN: 9781538180747
ISBN-10: 153818074X
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Publication Date: October 29th, 2023
Pages: 340
Language: English