Construction Projects Management and Urbanization: Case of Old Tripoli, Lebanon. (Paperback)

Construction Projects Management and Urbanization: Case of Old Tripoli, Lebanon. By Sami Saadeddine Mneimneh Cover Image
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There is a fundamental conflict between globalization and local management in our community. It is mandatory to have a good understanding of the demographics and environmental background of the community in order to achieve the desirable and practical changes during the urbanization process. We share our experience during such process in the city of Tripoli, Lebanon. During this process, communication issues were a great challenge that we had to deal with. The aim of this study is to establish a balance and create a harmonious link between the human side and the process of globalization in Lebanon, in order to provide a smooth transition during the change process. Finally, we give an executional example in the Engineering discipline including historical considerations, photos and plans of the rehabilitation of Old Tripoli, Lebanon, which became reserved as a universal city at The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

About the Author

Sami Saadeddine Mneimneh earned his Bachelor degree in Architectural Engineering from the Beirut Arab University, Beirut, Lebanon, in 1969 and pursued Specialized Graduate Studies in Landscaping at the Lebanese University, "Institut National des Beaux Arts", in 1989. In 2007, he earned a Master of Business Administration degree from the Business Computer University College (faculty of Business), Beirut, Lebanon. He received a PhD and honorarium PhD in 2010 and 2013, respectively, in Architecture and Construction Engineering, from the American University for science and technology, faculty of Engineering, Los Angeles, California. He has been teaching architecture, planning, and landscaping, for about 40 years in several Architecture and Engineering universities in Lebanon. Sami Mneimneh has worked as sub consultant, consultant, instructor, supervisor, and/or head of maintenance department, through his life, and has been involved for over 45 years in local and international projects including Architecture and planning, environmental studies, interior design projects, and Master planning in many Arab countries (ie, KSA, Jordan, Egypt, Sudan, Syria, UAE, and Bahrain.) He has contributed in many committees and organizations handling Heritage conservation in Lebanon, and participated in many artistic and architectural and heritage exhibitions in the Arab countries. He has many artistic skills, including painting and photography, and has even served as the artistic consultant in few TV series and programs. Sami Mneimneh has written several Assays and books in the arabic language, including "Classical and digital photography" in 2013, "Architecture between theory and execution" in 1985, "History of civilizations and art till globalization" in 1997, and "Studying Tripoli" (in both English and Arabic languages) in 1999, in coordination with the municipality of Tripoli. He has been Member in the editorial boards of three major Lebanese Architecture and Engineering journals: "Al-Zameel" and "Architecture Planning Journal" published by the Beirut Arab University, Beirut, Lebanon, and "Al Mouhandess" published by the Order of Architects and Engineers, Beirut, Lebanon. He also contributed as a lecturer in many conferences held in different Arabic countries. He received several awards including shields of congratulation and appreciation, from Beirut municipality, Tripoli municipality, Alumni BAU, and Lebanese university "Institut National des Beaux Arts".
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