Poems for Precious Pussycats (Paperback)

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Four poems and more than two dozen photos capture the essence of our three beloved cats. 

"Ode to Potted Meat: A Poem for Andr " describes our sadness at the declining health of our black-and-white tomcat. Worsening kidney failure caused him to shun most cat sustenance, but, remarkably, we discovered several human food items that he ate with relative gusto. This poem blends our joy and astonishment at Andre's effort to rally from his illness and stay with his loving family for as long as possible.

 "Big Boi's Poem: A Portly Sonnet for 'Boo Boo Baby'" portrays our lovable hunk of a black cat. He is happy-go-lucky and gregarious, a lover of all things tasty. He and Andr were adopted at the same time and were fast friends for almost a dozen years. 

"Elegy for Andr " is our lament at the loss of our dear family member. The pain is great and permanent. But as with all losses of loved ones, we seek solace in our happy memories, in our assurance that we've done our best, and in our hope of reuniting in a better place. 

"Ditty for a Diva Kitty" introduces Aja, our Siamese-tabby mix kitten, almost a year old now. She is a hoot and just what we needed to help us move beyond our deep grief over Andr 's passing.

 We hope you enjoy this little volume of cat poetry. We know you share our fascination with these amazing animals A second volume of kitty ditties is now available: MORE POEMS FOR PRECIOUS PUSSYCATS, in paperback and on Kindle, right here on Amazon.

About the Author

Jimmy Fox is the author of the Louisiana genealogical mystery series featuring Nick Herald of New Orleans. He has always loved animals, and was a dog person for most of his life, until he married his wife, Melisa, who adores cats. Problem: Jimmy was allergic to cats. After Jimmy's successful allergy treatment, the couple now lives happily with their wonderful feline friends. Jimmy is Louisiana born, a graduate of Tulane and LSU, with an M.A. in English, a career in television creative writing, and a couple of decades as a mystery writer under his belt.
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