Sick!: The Twists and Turns Behind Animal Germs (Hardcover)

Sick!: The Twists and Turns Behind Animal Germs By Heather L. Montgomery, Lindsey Leigh (Illustrator) Cover Image
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When a super sickness lands on the land, when a parasite becomes more than a pest, when an infection ignites an epidemic, what's a body to do? Your body is an animal body, so why not ask the animals?

Follow the scientists, around the world and into their labs, who are studying animals and the germs that attack them. From fungus-ridden frogs with fevers to bacteria-resistant buzzards and everything in-between, animals have A LOT to teach us about infections. But-reader beware!!-the story of germs is filled with twists and turns.

In this fascinating, highly visual nonfiction book packed with colorful, comic-style art, you'll discover not only the cool ways that animal bodies (and our bodies) fight back against pesky pathogens, but also the amazing and surprising ways we can learn to work together with germs.

Sick! The Twists and Turns Behind Animal Germs is written by Heather L. Montgomery with graphic novel-style art from Lindsey Leigh.

About the Author

Heather L. Montgomery has taught for over 20 years (both inside and outside the classroom) as well as directed a school-based environmental center. She has written curriculum; trained hundreds of teachers, naturalists, and librarians; and, helped thousands of children to make friends with the natural world. Each year, she works directly with over ten thousand children at festivals, school visits, and at environmental centers. During a typical presentation, petrified body parts and tree guts encourage scientific thinking and inspire reluctant readers. Her professional development programs for teachers have won awards and rave reviews. She lives in Ardmore, Alabama.

Lindsey Leigh is an illustrator and designer in Boston. She grew up near Washington, D.C., fascinated by the Smithsonian Museums and the Baltimore Aquarium. Her passion for communicating scientific ideas eventually led her to become a scientific illustrator. Her books include The Deep! Wild Life at the Ocean's Darkest Depths.

Praise For…

“Keeping her tone conversational, occasionally relying on anthropomorphizing, and framing her stories as mysteries, Montgomery makes even the most complex concept concrete and digestible--young readers won't just understand the microbiology at play; they'll enjoy the subject too. Illustrations throughout also enhance clarity as well as (especially in short comic panels) keeping the book fun. A pathologically good time.” —Kirkus Reviews, starred review

“Exhilarating case studies of science and of scientists in action . . . [and] a convincing argument for thinking about our relationship with our teeming microbial neighbors.” —Booklist

“A well-stirred slurry of facts and fun for strong-stomached “poop sleuths.”” —Kirkus Reviews, starred review, on WHO GIVES A POOP

“Equal parts informative and grotesquely fascinating.” —School Library Journal, starred review, on WHO GIVES A POOP

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ISBN: 9781547609857
ISBN-10: 1547609850
Publisher: Bloomsbury Children's Books
Publication Date: February 20th, 2024
Pages: 160
Language: English