Gene Logsdon's Practical Skills: A Revival of Forgotten Crafts, Techniques, and Traditions (Hardcover)

Gene Logsdon's Practical Skills: A Revival of Forgotten Crafts, Techniques, and Traditions By Gene Logsdon, Barbara Field (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Gene Logsdon, Barbara Field (Illustrator)
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Gene Logsdon has long served as a voice of grounded agricultural wisdom. His wry humor and keen insights have made him a favorite among homesteaders, gardeners, orchardists, and farmers. In Gene Logsdon's Practical Skills, he turns his attention to traditional crafts and practices, reviving and documenting the homemaking, culinary, and agricultural skills handed down through generations of American farmers.

This wide-ranging volume of practical instruction is divided into 5 parts, each focused on a different aspect of country life, including:

  • Home maintenance and comfort
  • Food preparation and domestic chores
  • Landscaping and gardening
  • Barn construction and livestock management
  • Agricultural and woodlot land management

Develop the skills your grandparents knew by heart. Gene Logsdon's Practical Skills is a book you can learn from for years to come.

Gene Logsdon and his wife Carol have a small-scale experimental farm in Wyandot County, Ohio. Gene is the author of numerous books and magazine articles on farm-related issues, and believes sustainable pastoral farming is the solution for our stressed agricultural system.

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