Your Cabin in the Woods (Paperback)

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The techniques of cabin building described here are derived and updated from the American pioneers, a spirit Conrad Meinecke fully possessed. The cabins he outlines, from the simple framed tent and two-man squatter to the long house and five-room family cabin, are all built of natural building.

Your Cabin in the Woods covers all aspects of cabin building: from where to build it and which direction to face it, to furnishings, plumbing, and outdoor equipment. The measured diagrams, floor plans, and cross-sections are clear, well detailed, and accompanied by directions. Meinecke explains the proper use of tools and how to avoid potential problems.

Meinecke also elaborates on building fireplaces-from the simple outdoor campfire to the well-appointed indoor hearth. He provides detail about fires for heat and cooking, describing the use of such implements as the cooking reflector and the wash boiler. He even offers recipes.

Your Cabin in the Woods is lively and conversational. It is as if Meinecke is talking with you around a campfire. Infused with an altruistic spirit, his philosophy is direct and homespun. He emphasizes communion with and respect for nature, and includes a section dispelling fears and myths about the elements, insects, and small animals. He sees nature as sacred and advocates a simple, contemplative life. What sets this book apart is its mix of practicality and philosophy. Even if you don't use the exact building plans presented in Your Cabin in the Woods, you will come away with a deeper understanding of cabins. This will help you become a better builder, as well as give you a deeper appreciation of the pleasures that cabins offer.

In these crowded and hyper-paced times, a simple cabin offers a nest away from the bustle and expense of the city and suburbs. Meinecke provides practical, affordable, and sane advice on how to make our own little heaven in the woods.

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