Part-Time Nomads: Traveling the World by Bicycle (Paperback)

Part-Time Nomads: Traveling the World by Bicycle By Anne M. Breedlove Cover Image
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Part Time Nomads: Traveling the World by Bicycle, is part memoir, part travelogue, and one hundred percent ode to taking on crazy challenges no matter your age or life situation. The book focuses on our evolution from weekend cyclists to fully loaded, self-contained cycle international bicycle travelers. Averaging eight miles an hour, we braved rain and snow and junk food, learning hard lessons about bad maps, road-hogging motor homes, and the unpredictable road ahead.

Mile by mile, our endurance and ambition increased. Soon we ventured further afield. Being together 24/7, attempting things we'd never done before, wasn't always easy. Our friends thought we were crazy, but loved our tales of plunging into icy rivers, singing to ward off bears, and tossing salad in a grocery bag. The people we met, in campgrounds and dive bars, were as memorable as the places.

Animating these stories is the incredible rush of getting places under my own steam, being self-reliant, and re-learning that Jim and I worked pretty damned well as a team, reigniting a passion not only for cycling, but for each other.

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ISBN: 9781631322037
ISBN-10: 1631322036
Publisher: Advanced Publishing LLC
Publication Date: September 5th, 2023
Pages: 316
Language: English