The Left's Little Red Book on Forming a New Green Republic (Paperback)

The Left's Little Red Book on Forming a New Green Republic By William L. Kovacs Cover Image
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Words matter Words are the primary way we describe our world. Words persuade and inspire. They can also manipulate thinking. The radical Left corrupts words so people believe something other than their true intent. The simple corruption of two words allows them to paint their movement "green" to cover a "red" socialist core.

The reference to a "Little Red Book" alludes to Chairman Mao's book of quotations; words proclaiming "truth", but used to impose political domination. By setting out the actual words of the radical Left, i.e. hatred of capitalism, truth is not relevant and humans must go, The Left's Little Red Book on Forming a New Green Republic, equips the reader with skills to challenge lies that sound truthful and evaluate solutions that might benefit society.
William L. Kovacs, author of Reform the Kakistocracy: Rule by the Least Able or Least Principled Citizens; contributor to The Libertarian Republic, The Hill and

Mr. Kovacs has been involved in the nation's policy-making process for forty years. As a senior vice president at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, he testified before Congress forty times, and participated in several hundred federal rulemakings.

Prior to his Chamber service, he was a chief counsel on Capitol Hill, chairman of a Virginia state environmental Board and partner in Washington, DC law firms.

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ISBN: 9781632214416
ISBN-10: 1632214415
Publisher: Liberty Hill Publishing
Publication Date: October 15th, 2020
Pages: 72
Language: English