The Incredible Octopus: Meet the Eight-Armed Wonder of the Sea (Hardcover)

The Incredible Octopus: Meet the Eight-Armed Wonder of the Sea By Erin Spencer Cover Image
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Packed with mesmerizing undersea photography, this book invites kids to explore the fascinating behavior and intelligence of this remarkable creature of the deep. 

The Incredible Octopus combines amazing photos with in-depth facts to get kids aged 7 and up excited about octopuses and the underwater world in which they live. Readers are introduced to the fascinating biology of the octopus, from its 3 hearts and 9 brains to suction cups and how they work, and learn all about what it’s like to be an octopus: how they use camouflage and ink, what they eat, and how they reproduce (nests and eggs!). The book also explores the  intelligence and playfulness of this animal—and, of course, the famous stories of octopuses who escaped their tanks. Readers will meet 13 different species of octopuses and find out what makes them unique, from the most venomous and best disguised to the deepest and coldest. They'll also get a glimpse into exciting octopus research, technology inspired by octopuses, and ways to help conserve our oceans.

About the Author

Erin Spencer is the author of The Incredible Octopus​ and The World of Coral Reefs. She is a marine ecologist and National Geographic Explorer whose articles, photos, and videos of marine life have been featured in National Geographic, PBS, CBS Sunday Morning, and in publications of Ocean Conservancy. She is an avid public speaker and has presented to National Geographic, the World Bank, MCON, and TEDx, as well as many school groups. Originally from Maryland, she now lives in South Florida where she studies great hammerhead sharks and their prey for her PhD. 

Praise For…

"This bright and visually-stunning book is chock full of myth-busting facts, stories of real-life scientists, and project prompts to rev readers' minds. It's perfect for libraries, elementary-school classrooms, and kids' book collections. We can't wait to use it with our own programs!"—Rosie Riveters, a nonprofit organization inspiring girls in STEM

"Fantastic! A great introduction to some of the weirdest and most wonderful animals in the sea."—Sy Montgomery

"Who can shapeshift, shoot ink, squeeze into tight spaces, solve puzzles, and disappear without a trace? Meet the ocean's true superhero, the seriously smart, squishy, humble but magnificent octopus!"—Kathleen Yale, author of Howl Like a Wolf and Guess My Animal

"Packed with accurate facts, up-to-date research, and vivid illustrations, this ocean book is an immersive experience!"—Danna Staaf, marine biologist and author of The Lady and the Octopus
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ISBN: 9781635866285
ISBN-10: 1635866286
Publisher: Storey Publishing, LLC
Publication Date: April 16th, 2024
Pages: 72
Language: English