How to Overcome the Evil of Gambling/Covetousness (Paperback)

How to Overcome the Evil of Gambling/Covetousness By Unknown Author Cover Image
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How to Overcome the Evil of Gambling/Covetousness is a book about being obedient to God's word from the Holy Bible scripture verses teach us about the evil of the love of money. How because of our greediness, we stray from the faith and pierce ourselves with many sorrows. How it's the root of all kinds of evil when we covet money that we have not earned. How God wants us to be a good steward of our money that He has blessed us with, to use for our needs and to give Him glory. It's a book about how we work hard for our money, and it should not be wasted but to use the fruits of our labor we earned for good. To also to be content with what we have and are blessed with.

In gambling, this book uses dictionary meaning, which tells us about what covet means: is to have a desire often for another person's possessions. What it tells us in God's word in the Holy Bible scripture verse is not to covet, also how evil company corrupts good habits, how we should resist the devil, and how we can overcome temptation with the help of God.

The conclusion is that when we read God's word, it will help us to be blessed by doing what is right, and we can overcome the evil of gambling/covetousness.

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ISBN: 9781638741633
ISBN-10: 1638741638
Publisher: Christian Faith
Publication Date: June 21st, 2021
Pages: 32
Language: English