Sober Vibes: A Guide to Thriving in Your First Three Months Without Alcohol (Paperback)

Sober Vibes: A Guide to Thriving in Your First Three Months Without Alcohol By Courtney Andersen Cover Image
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Tackle Your First 90 Days of Sobriety With Ease

This impactful book will answer all of your questions about what to expect when you first get sober, so you can find success on this journey and ease in its process. Courtney Andersen is a sober coach who has walked the path of recovery for over a decade. In a series of insightful essays, she details what the first three months of sobriety look like and supports you as the process unfolds with expert advice and first-hand knowledge, so you can stick to your goal of not drinking. Each section also has guided journal prompts that you can answer right in the pages of this book, which help you stay accountable during your first 90 days.

You’ll delve into topics like detox and withdrawal, creating new boundaries, setting routines that don’t center around alcohol, how to have fun in your new sober life and making a long-term plan for sobriety. Best of all, Courtney takes a refreshing, no B.S. approach to this subject—she tackles why AA might be off-putting, how grieving your old drinking life is okay, and what to do when conflicting thoughts like, “How can I have sex without alcohol?” arise. Sober Vibes, and the journal prompts that goes along with it, will support and guide as you begin the most important journey you’ll ever take. Get ready to quit alcohol for good, change your life for the better and usher in a healthier, more conscious lifestyle.

About the Author

Courtney Andersen is a sober coach and the creator of the online support community, Sober Vibes. She lives in Detroit, Michigan, with her husband and son.

Praise For…

“This book it a must-read for anyone looking to thrive without alcohol and transform their lives. If you're grappling with addiction, this book provides a comprehensive roadmap, complete with practical tools and guidance, to help you achieve your goals.”
—Amberly Lago, bestselling author, speaker and podcast host

Sober Vibes is the ultimate Quit Lit book that offers a practical plan for people in addiction and recovery to find total peace, serenity and sobriety. Courtney’s honest and inspiring guide is a game-changer for anyone seeking lasting change.”
—Pop Buchanan, author of Sober is Dope

Sober Vibes will change your life as Courtney intuitively guides you through the first 90 days. Direct yet gentle…use caution, it’s so practical you might just end up sober!”
—Daniel Patterson, host of Sobriety Uncensored podcast

“This book is a concise weaving of very personal idiosyncratic struggles with highly researched and proven methods for sober life that results in a life-saving book for many.”
—Mark Turnipseed, author of My Suicide Race

“A multidimensional approach to sobriety that is supported by competent yet no bullshit tips for the first three months of sobriety. The doable plans are guided by authentically lived experiences and accessible options to thrive in early sobriety. Sober Vibes is the foundation to launch yourself from surviving one day at a time to thriving in a grounded life without alcohol.”
—Dr. Brooke Buys, MSW, PhD, founder of BLND Health

Sober Vibes is part how-to book, part memoir and the perfect mix of support and lived experience for your first 90 days sober and beyond. Courtney is irreverent, authentic and knows that humor will save your soul. Allow yourself the gift of having her walk alongside you in the hardest, best, life-altering choice you can ever make.”
—Mindi Huebner, mindset coach and podcast host

"If you’ve thought about stopping drinking, questioned your relationship with alcohol or have tried to take a break but keep going back to your nightly happy hour, this book is for you!"
—Casey Davidson, sobriety coach and host of The Hello Someday podcast

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Publication Date: August 15th, 2023
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