God Spoke and I Trembled: Warning: Testimonies Within Might Scare You (Paperback)

God Spoke and I Trembled: Warning: Testimonies Within Might Scare You By Chappy Cover Image
By Chappy
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How an abused child faced with Attention deficit disorder was subjected to physical beating by those who was supposed to protect him. Raise without a father. Who then was targeted by bullies at school. And later in life placed in a new land forced to learn a new languish while still having existing learning disabilities. Exposed to the hard drugs and streets. Wrong choices of friends and the gamble of going to prison. After so many years of poor choices he decide that maybe life is not worth living. At this moment he remembers a man with a message of new life. He cries out to this Jesus and demands proof of his existence. He receives an answer. His life is changed forever. Within these pages are true life testimonies of events. Read them and you decide is God real or Not? "I, say He Is the truth and Life". F. Chaparro Born in NJ Margaret Hayes hospital. Raised in Brooklyn in the mid 1960. Under government assistance and the strictest mother any child could ever have. I struggled with Attention deficit disorder at an early age. Today I'm a father of 5 adult children with a wonderful wife. I enjoy photography and bodybuilding. I had no childhood. I struggled in school and was bullied. At the age of 12, I couldn't read, write or spell my name. I soon became an angry teenager. Years later hard drugs soon became a reality. I was suicidal and tired of living. But God placed a messenger into my life and completely turn my life 180 degrees. I saw the hand of God at work. I'm compelled to share the miracles with you. I became a law enforcement officer. Now I submit to you 38 years of testimonial and encounters with God.
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ISBN: 9781662868566
ISBN-10: 1662868561
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: February 18th, 2023
Pages: 108
Language: English