Queens of the Jungle: Meet the Female Animals Who Rule the Animal Kingdom! (Hardcover)

Queens of the Jungle: Meet the Female Animals Who Rule the Animal Kingdom! By Dr. Carly Anne York, Kimberlie Clinthorne-Wong (Illustrator), Neon Squid Cover Image
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Discover the coolest female animals in the natural world with biologist Dr. Carly Anne York.

Male lions are often referred to as the “Kings of the Jungle” because they are thought to be the strongest, bravest, and fiercest animals in the world. This is a myth. In fact, it’s the lionesses that are out hunting together and taking down large animals to feed their entire pack, including the males!

In this illustrated animal book, filled with fun facts and incredible artwork from Kimberlie Clinthorne-Wong, readers will be inspired by other examples of girls getting it done. They’ll meet orca grandmothers who are in command of their pods, sex-changing clownfish, and backflipping female ants. They’ll be stunned by the female blanket octopus, who is 80 times bigger than the males of the species, and be left gobsmacked by an entirely female species of lizard!

Packed with groundbreaking science and stunning illustrations, Queens of the Jungle is the perfect book for kids who love learning about animals.

About the Author

Dr. Carly Anne York, author of A Day in the Life: Horses, is a biology professor, science communicator, and horse lover! She studies animal behavior, runs an animal sanctuary, and owns several horses.

Kimberlie Clinthorne-Wong is an illustrator, designer and ceramicist from Hawaii. She received a BFA in Drawing from the University of Hawaii at Manoa and a BFA in Illustration from Art Center of Design.

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ISBN: 9781684493746
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Publisher: Neon Squid
Publication Date: May 28th, 2024
Pages: 128
Language: English