DeGraftenreed Family Dynasty 1825 to 1969 Greenwood to Spiro to Kaw Point: Stories From the Heart of Grandpadat (Paperback)

DeGraftenreed Family Dynasty 1825 to 1969 Greenwood to Spiro to Kaw Point: Stories From the Heart of Grandpadat By Arthur D. Greene Jr Cover Image
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A grandfather's fishing trip with his young grandson unlocks the key to an unknown family dynasty and a true Queen Mother. This work is the genalogical history of a pre-civil war Arkansas family that is dispersed to Choctaw Indian Territory and later to Rattlebone Holler in Kansas City, Kansas. The author is the grandson of a true Holy Man of God who is the son of a Holy Man of God and who's grandmother was the Queen of the DeGraftenreed Dynasty from 1825 until 1969. This work is well suited for today's DNA driven culture as well as those seeking for a spiritual tie to family members long deceased. A primer for grandparents needing a forum or platform to begin the discussion of "grandpa tell me what it was like when you were a boy." This work is well suited for elementary and middle school studies dealing with slavery and the after effects of slave life on the black family. Religious students will be drawn to the personality of a black missionary taking the gospel to the Indian Nation (Vol. II) and establishing the early church in the mid-west and northwest Arkansas.

About the Author

Grandpadat is the author and great-great-great grandson of the Queen Mother of the DeGraftenreed Dynasty. The author's mother was also a Queen in her own right. Grandpadat is a product of the "Old North End" of Kansas City, Kansas. A 1965 Sumner High School grad and equally proud of Kealing, Stowe and Northeast Junior High. The author's siblings consist of eight sisters and four brothers who all reside in the Kansas City, KS area. Sisters-in love are two and brothers-in love number four with two deceased. The author is a veteran of the US Army and had the honor to enter service in Fort Campbell, KY the home of the 101st Airbourne and complete service at Fort Riley, KS home of The Big Red One! Writing about family is the passion of the author and newly retired Government Service Employee. The four adult children and seven grandchildren of the author provides numerous storylines that produce the major themes in the products published. A continuing theme in the life of the author and spouse is' We have three children and one "only child". And our "only child" has produced our "only grandchild" (the other six grandchildren are pre-tenders to the throne). A salute to the North End of Kansas City, KS.
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