The Kill Zone: A Spiritual Survival Guide for Combating Pornography and Other Addictions (Paperback)

The Kill Zone: A Spiritual Survival Guide for Combating Pornography and Other Addictions By Justin Justin Zufelt, Stephanie Gifford (Editor), Leilani Zufelt (Guest Editor) Cover Image
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The Kill Zone is a non-denominational Christian book that empowers youth and parents with the knowledge they need to remain out of Satan's Kill Zone. Since the beginning of time, Satan has used this military tactic to enslave even the mightiest of leaders within his web of influence. The Kill Zone teaches both youth and adults exactly what this tactic looks like and how to escape its grasp.

The author teaches these principles with examples from biblical leaders, history, and his own life stories. With engaging storytelling, thought-provoking ideas, and easy action steps, this book is a must-read for every family.

The opportunity for deep discussions on temptation, addiction, sex, pornography, moral boundaries, spirituality, spiritual defense, and empowerment will be created for youth and adults as they read their own versions of the book together.

Learn how to keep yourself and your family out of The Kill Zone with this amazing book

"The author does a remarkable job painting a picture as he navigates his way through different stories to teach about such a critical topic. The time to sit by and hope your family is not impacted by pornography has passed. This book provides direct and actionable steps that families can take to help support their youth as they traverse one of the most difficult, yet important journeys of their life. I appreciate the passion that is portrayed in this book, and stand with those who are fighting against pornography." Lindsay Boulter

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ISBN: 9781732603592
ISBN-10: 1732603596
Publisher: Operation Onward Miracle
Publication Date: April 5th, 2019
Pages: 120
Language: English