Have Yourself a Minimalist Christmas: Slow Down, Save Money & Enjoy a More Intentional Holiday (Hardcover)

Have Yourself a Minimalist Christmas: Slow Down, Save Money & Enjoy a More Intentional Holiday Cover Image
By Meg Nordmann, Denaye Barahona (Foreword by)
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Do you dread the high cost that comes with purchasing Christmas gifts?

​Do you feel overwhelmed when decorating for the holidays?

​Do you feel defeated by not having enough time to fulfill all of society's idealized holiday traditions?

​Do you feel exhausted from picking up mountains of toys and dread adding even more to your home?

​Do you feel the urge to scale back, but you're not sure how to get your family on board?

​If you answered yes to any of these, the way out of this rut is to successfully "Have Yourself a Minimalist Christmas."

You do not need to be a practicing minimalist to receive the benefits of the actionable items in this book. Even minimalists struggle during this busy, consumerist-driven season Minimalism is a philosophy and lifestyle that encourages intentionality with your money, items and time. It is a deliberate, simple way of life where each item brings you true value and true joy.

​This book will shift your mindset by walking you through the basics of minimalism and exploring the relatively new history of the "Story of Santa" to more easily resist the clever marketing and cultural expectations of this season.

After a brief synopsis of the author's own minimalism journey with two children, and her struggles during Christmas time, Meg Nordmann gives actionable steps you can take to have more control of this season. Her steps will help you craft a peaceful, slower, and less expensive holiday.

​Some of the strategies discussed are how to:

  • Prep and declutter four main areas of your home

  • Simplify your decorating

  • Say "No" with grace

  • Curate a holiday calendar with a slow, intentional pace for events and traditions

  • Become more present and less distracted

  • Purchase drastically fewer gifts (three strategies)

  • Explain your minimalist goals to extended family

  • Prepare children of all ages for a "smaller" Christmas

  • Make room for the inevitable new items entering your home

​Whether you are currently a minimalist or have never heard of minimalism, everyone can benefit from the mindset shifts needed to best prepare for the busiest and most expensive time of the year.

​By putting the tips outlined in this book into practice, you will discover a more simple and slower pace of life with a focus on gratitude and time with your loved ones. "Have Yourself a Minimalist Christmas" and discover the peace and joy we all crave during this magical time of year.

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ISBN: 9781734912128
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Publisher: Meg Nordmann
Publication Date: September 1st, 2020
Pages: 132
Language: English