The Inner Child Journal: A 90 Day Guided Journal To Heal and Reparent Your Inner Child (Paperback)

The Inner Child Journal: A 90 Day Guided Journal To Heal and Reparent Your Inner Child By Rachel Havekost Cover Image
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The Inner Child Journal is a 90-day guided journal designed to heal and re-parent your Inner Child. The prompts in this journal will connect you to your Inner Child, facilitate meaningful healing, and teach you to cultivate your wise Inner Parent so that you can find peace and wholeness in your daily life.

About Inner Child Healing

The Inner Child is an archetype of our adolescent self. It is a representation of the part of ourselves that either flourished and grew in a developmentally supportive environment or adapted to environments that were unsupportive or harmful.

To heal our Inner Child, we are asked to first reckon with the wounds we sustained in childhood. This can be a painful, lonely process. We are then charged with the responsibility of re-parenting those wounds, so that we can integrate fully as adults and have the wisdom, courage, and wherewithal to engage with our adult lives with compassion, awareness, and connection.

What this Journal Will Cultivate:

This journal aims to use the framework of the Inner Child as a scaffolding from which we can rebuild and find mental stability and emotional equilibrium. Using prompts that stem from therapeutic interventions like DBT, CBT, Mindfulness, Adlerian therapy, Rogerian therapy, and Psychodynamic therapy, this journal offers you the tools you need to be in the driver's seat of healing your Inner Child.

The Inner Child is a concept that flows from multiple psychological theories of counseling and development, including the work of Mary Ainsworth and John Bowlby, Piaget, Erik Erikson, Carl Jung, and others.

With newer research that broadens our perspective of childhood development, trauma, and the brain-body connection (specifically the works of Bessel Van der Kolk, Mark Wolynn, and Gabor Mate), we can begin to integrate the somatic, cognitive, and emotional into a multidimensional approach when healing our Inner Child.


  • Description of the Inner Child and Inner Parent
  • Explanation of Inner Child healing, Intergenerational trauma, and Re-Parenting
  • 90 pages of journaling with specific prompts and categories
  • Mindfulness, affirmations, and needs identification
  • Inner Child & Inner Parent dialogues and letters to your inner child
  • Daily entries with specific prompts and instructions to help you dive deep
  • Over 50 unique questions that are recycled daily
  • Example of a daily journal for comprehension
  • Intention-setting and frequent reflections so you can chart your growth
  • Tips and tricks for if you get stuck
  • Extra pages for notes, reflection, and discovery
  • Needs Wheel to help you identify your daily needs

*Please note this journal is not intended to be a replacement for therapy, nor is it meant to be used as a diagnostic tool.

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