Dear Little Ones (Book 3): Talking to Your Inner Children About Wholeness (Paperback)

Dear Little Ones (Book 3): Talking to Your Inner Children About Wholeness By Jade Miller Cover Image
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The Dear Little Ones series is dedicated to empowering the inner child to promote internal unity and improve readers' mental health. The second book in this series is all about family relationships.

Told in the same empowering tone as the original book, Dear Little Ones Book 2 helps inner children navigate dysfunctional family dynamics. This book will be especially helpful to readers who have painful or complex relationships with their parents or caregivers.

In this reassuring illustrated book, inner children will learn:

  • that caregivers' problems were not their fault
  • how to develop healthy self-esteem without parental approval
  • how to set boundaries around unhealthy family members
  • the need for making difficult choices in family relationships to prioritize mental health

Dear Little Ones Book 2 takes on a difficult topic and talks about it in language that inner children can understand so they can begin to heal from attachment wounds.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781736990247
ISBN-10: 1736990241
Publisher: Jade Miller Peer Consulting
Publication Date: June 7th, 2021
Pages: 62
Language: English