Bloodtide: A New Holiday in Homage to Horseshoe Crabs (Paperback)

Bloodtide: A New Holiday in Homage to Horseshoe Crabs By Eli Nixon Cover Image
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An illustrated proposal, manual & field notes for activation & complication.

Cardboard sculpting how-to, karaoke songbook, naturedrag theorization, 450-million-year-long love letter to horseshoe crabs, field guide to a different future--BLOODTIDE proposes exactly what we need in a form we never imagined: a new kind of holiday in homage to the ancient Horseshoe Crab.

BLOODTIDE is drawn from the author's own need for new cultural practices and extended as an offering for anybody to use with hopes of contributing to collective liberation. It attempts queer futurity, without mythologies of settler innocence and with sustained recognition that time extends through our ancestors: recent ones and ancient. BLOODTIDE promotes horizontalist structure-building practices through pageantry, crabaoke, cardboard sculpting, feasting and other hands-on, locally oriented, commemorative & survivalist practices. BLOODTIDE posits that homage and attention to horseshoe crabs might further all repair efforts and other insufficient necessities for our collective and individual healing/transformation.

"It is radical, it is wise, it is alive."--Agnes Borinsky

"BLOODTIDE gifts us a river to wander down where we can drift away from the bullshit through the fugitivity of fun, fellowship and inter/trans species abolition."--bront velez

"Brimming with irreverence, delight and full-throated urgency on every page...there has never been a more compelling case to radically re-imagine our relationships to more-than-human animals and our environment. My family and I are plotting our BLOODTIDE activations already "--Sarah Benson

Literary Nonfiction. LGBTQIA Studies. Art.

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ISBN: 9781737925811
ISBN-10: 1737925818
Publisher: 3rd Thing
Publication Date: November 23rd, 2021
Pages: 214
Language: English