Fruit and Veggies 101 - Salad Vegetables: Gardening Guide On How To Grow The Freshest & Ripest Salad Vegetables (Perfect For Beginners) (Paperback)

Fruit and Veggies 101 - Salad Vegetables: Gardening Guide On How To Grow The Freshest & Ripest Salad Vegetables (Perfect For Beginners) By Green Roots Cover Image
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Begin your journey to growing the freshest, organic and ripest salad vegetable, with simple and beginner-friendly guidance.

Do you want to grow delicious, home-grown, year-round vegetables but are worried that you don't have enough space, money, tools, experience, or even confidence to do so? Then continue reading....

I'm sure a gardener will never forget when they first tasted the sweet, succulent and crunchy carrot from their first harvest, or the ingredients used from their very own garden to serve a fresh salad. These are the moments we want you to experience.

This guide demonstrates how easy it is to plan, build, and grow your very own salad vegetables, whilst addressing key practises and techniques for the best possible outcomes. Outcomes that will have inexperienced gardeners questioning their level of experience, (of course, in a positive light).

After all, successful gardening only requires careful planning, smart planting choices, and easy maintenance.

What sets this guide aside from the rest is the spectrum of information it has to offers. It's a common assumption that gardening's only benefits are the organic, cost-effective, and convenient results it produces; while these are certainly among the greatest, gardening has much more to give than just physical produce.

We're talking about how gardening can be used as a tool to maintain and enhance your mental, physical and social well-being.

We meant it when we said this guide offers a "spectrum of information". From assisting you in selecting the best gardening space, to advising you on how to protect your produce during the growing process.

The list of valuable and timeless information in this guide can go on and on, so here are some key points you'll discover in Fruit and Veggies 101:

A detailed guide on gardening soil: Understanding the various types of soil, how to identify what soil type you have, how to prepare it for planting, comparisons between store bought vs homemade soil treatment and which plants thrive in each type of soil (down to the pH levels and required nutrients).

Choose where you garden will grow: Pros and Cons of the various gardening spaces available to use and what's best suited for your gardening journey.

Valuable maintenance advice on how to keep your produce safe from pests, weeds, diseases and other threats, as well as keeping your garden clean and healthy all year round.

Sowing, Growing and Harvesting tips and tricks. Including in-depth information on sowing techniques, extraction and preserving seeds for future growing seasons.

Key information that will help determine which veggie is most suited to your gardening aims and desires. With mini-guides on when to plant your vegetables, crop spacing and measurements, watering schedules, required sunlight, optimum temperatures and fertilization

And much more...

If you want to start your growing journey to your own fresh and organic vegetables this is the book for you.

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