Total Quality Management A Case Study on AMUL Dairy (Paperback)

Total Quality Management A Case Study on AMUL Dairy By Khan Niha N Cover Image
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The aim of this chapter is to define the concept of total quality management. It also covers the meaning of quality, ISO 9000 quality management system, the definition of total quality management, Egypt pyramid of quality, components and dimensions of total quality management, six sigma qualities in a TQM, future perspective of total quality management and influencing factors of total quality management.


"The term quality arises from the Latin word qualis meaning 'what kind of'. With a wide variety of meanings and connotations, earlier it was knowing as a 'slippery concept' (Pfeffer et al, 1991)". To explain further the slippery and elusive nature of quality as well as having the confusion associated with it many authors (Nigvekar et al, 1996) have referred to the highly cited words of Pirsig (1974), few being shown below. -Embraces, but is not synonymous with, effectiveness, efficiency & accountability. It is not the same as satisfying the customer with, for example, the herb flavor of AMUL butter.(Downey, 1994).

-Is defined as a philosophy that ranges the activities of all stakeholders in the system with the similar focus of the satisfaction of customer by continuously improving the system of education.

Quality can be defined as follows too.

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