Living As an Empath: When You Feel Everything, And Nobody Seems to Understand (Paperback)

Living As an Empath: When You Feel Everything, And Nobody Seems to Understand By Gwenda Roberts Cover Image
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Does your high sensitivity makes you often feel overly emotional and out of place? Do you feel there is so much more inside of you than what they deem "normal" out there? Are you looking for a clear guide to understanding what it really means to be an empath and how can you cultivate the powerful psychic abilities that are already within you?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, chances are that inside of you there are huge unrealized potentialities. If that's the case this book is for you.

Each of us is born with psychic abilities and a particularly refined sensitivity to great intuition... But then we get older, and as we deal with modern society - and negative people around us - these abilities are pushed away and are not encouraged to grow until people tend to forget about them. And when we forget about them our spirit starts getting older too.

An empath is someone who has never lost the connection with what is considered beyond human abilities, like an enhanced psychic intuition, a special sensitivity for people's auras, telepathic communication, or innate clairvoyance that needs to be awakened.

As an empath, you have a natural gift, which is your duty to develop.

In fact, perceiving beyond the usual human senses can also affect those around you. You can fully develop your abilities and become a seer and a healer, and the go-to person to irradiate positive vibrations to your loved ones.

Inside this book:

- The 9 Powerful Techniques for Tapping into Your Natural Psychic Empath Abilities

- The 9 Struggle Points You May Experience as An Empath And How You Can Surpass Them

- How to Survive 7 Types of Emotional Vampires

- The 8 Shielding Techniques to Protect Your Energy from Negative People

- Practical Methods for the Empaths to Deal with Their Workplace

- The Important Gifts a Psychic Empath Can Give to The World That Make Her Existence Fundamental

- And Much More

If you're anything like me, right now you are struggling with dealing with your gift. I want you to know you are one step away from a grandiose life.

This book will provide the information you need to make you dig deeper into the understanding of what you're capable of.

Are you ready to tap into your true powers as an empath? Then scroll up and grab your copy of Empath and Psychic Abilities today to start learning how deep can you walk into your self-discovery journey.

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ISBN: 9781806210008
ISBN-10: 1806210002
Publisher: Tilly M Hunt
Publication Date: September 3rd, 2022
Pages: 106
Language: English