We're All Neurodiverse: How to Build a Neurodiversity-Affirming Future and Challenge Neuronormativity (Paperback)

We're All Neurodiverse: How to Build a Neurodiversity-Affirming Future and Challenge Neuronormativity By Sonny Jane Wise Cover Image
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"Neurodiversity has helped me understand myself and provided a sense of relief that I'm a whole neurodivergent person functioning as my brain intends."

"It's provided me with the language to advocate for myself."

"I no longer hated myself. I no longer felt broken. I found a sense of community. A sense of belonging"

This affirming and thoughtful guide outlines how and why we need to fundamentally shift our thinking about neurodivergent people. We need to accept differences rather than framing them as a problem, abnormality or disorder. Welcome to the neurodiversity paradigm.

At times challenging and radical, Sonny Jane Wise explores the intersections of neurodivergence with disability, gender, sexuality and race. Through interviews, narratives, and the lens of their own raw experiences, they consider how current systems and structures that impact neurodivergent people are rooted in outdated capitalist and racist frameworks, and how these need to change and adapt to be neurodiversity affirming. Sonny Jane's words are a rallying cry to challenge the pathology paradigm. They offer nine principles for facilitating change, reflected in deeply personal stories from the neurodivergent community.

Powerful and persuasive, this book is a clarion call for a kinder and more neurodiversity affirming society.

About the Author

Sonny Jane Wise is a non-binary, disabled and neurodivergent advocate based in Australia. Sonny were diagnosed as a child and grew up only hearing a deficit narrative. Since then, their mission has been to change the narrative on neurodiversity and neurodivergence as an internationally recognised public speaker, author and creator.
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ISBN: 9781839975783
ISBN-10: 1839975784
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Publication Date: November 21st, 2023
Pages: 224
Language: English