Capital Culture (Paperback)

Capital Culture By Suzanne Kiraly (Various Artists (VMI)) Cover Image
By Suzanne Kiraly (Various Artists (VMI))
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A short story collection you'll want to keep reading. This was the top selling book at the Canberra Writers' Festival These stories include different genres and there is enough variety to please the most discerning reader. These tales all emanate from Canberra, but are not political Canberra, as a city, has a vibrant writing community and these stories are reflected through a variety of lenses through which the writers see their city.

Capital Culture is home to compelling stories of ghosts, murder and mayhem, of humour, and of the prosaic rhythms of everyday suburbia. This eclectic range of short stories reveals much about life in our capital.

You'll be emotionally immersed as you learn about her society, her culture and her secrets exposed through a kaleidoscope of lenses.

The vibe of Capital Culture, emanating from some of Canberra's finest writers, collectively conveys the complexity and diversity of cultural life in this city. It's a living, breathing, fascinating collection.

Contributors include Paul Daley, Marion Halligan, Craig Cormick, Andrew Leigh, Tim the Yowie Man, Marg Wade, Irma Gold, Tracey Hawkins and many more.

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ISBN: 9781876047221
ISBN-10: 1876047224
Publisher: Aussie Writers
Publication Date: August 24th, 2019
Pages: 182
Language: English