The Presence Process: A Journey Into Present Moment Awareness (Paperback)

The Presence Process: A Journey Into Present Moment Awareness By Michael Brown Cover Image
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You can dissect and analyze your issues for decades, but nothing will actually resolve them and change your life like The Presence Process.

The Presence Process invites us to experience present moment awareness as a way of life.

We all long to be free of our discomfort and experience inner peace. However, the attempt to get rid of our discomfort is misguided. We're not broken and don't need to be "healed." Our difficulty is that our deeply suppressed emotional imprints from childhood distract us from an awareness of the present moment. Until this emotional charge from our past is integrated, our attempts to quiet our thoughts and access the peace, joy, and love that are the bedrock to our being are of only limited success. Since presence is universal, it has the ability to manifest in our daily experience the very circumstances required for us to integrate the dysfunction that keeps us from experiencing the radiance of present moment awareness.

We are each responsible for determining the quality of our personal experience, and The Presence Process guides us into taking responsibility for our emotional integration. It's a way to consciously "grow up.
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ISBN: 9781897238462
ISBN-10: 1897238460
Publisher: Namaste Publishing
Publication Date: June 22nd, 2010
Pages: 308
Language: English